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Initially, you’ll need to undergo a medical history evaluation with a specialist doctor. They will assess your overall health and any pre-existing health conditions you may have. Based on this evaluation and the amount of time available, you may be offered an individualized treatment plan or a rehabilitation program.

Depending on the severity and duration of the condition, it’s important to note that physiotherapy may not be appropriate for acute injuries or illnesses. For optimal results, a combined treatment approach spanning a minimum of 5 days is recommended, with an ideal treatment duration of 10-15 days.

Different diseases may require specific preparation before undergoing therapy. Some innovative restorative procedures that have been shown to accelerate the healing process for certain conditions involve light physical activity. However, it is important to note that any physical exertion should be within the patient’s comfort level and not cause pain during movement.

Please feel free to contact your treating physician at any time if you have any concerns regarding an emerging problem or questions about your current or future condition. They will always be available to assist you.

Our clinic follows a rigorous process where every step of the plan of action and prescribed treatment is performed under the guidance and supervision of a qualified specialist. Our primary objective is to enhance the health of our patients while ensuring their safety. To achieve this goal, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment that enables precise treatment of affected areas or the entire body to alleviate various medical conditions.

The timing of the procedures is determined by the patient’s individual program and the prescribed sequence of treatments. For example, physical therapy, baths, massages, and thermal treatments are typically recommended to be carried out at least 30 minutes after a meal. It is important for each patient to stay well-hydrated during the procedures by consuming an adequate amount of water.

At Balneo Medical Center Poseidon, we do not recommend consuming alcohol in conjunction with our treatment procedures. As healthcare providers, we may decide to discontinue treatment if a patient is found to have consumed alcohol before or during the treatment.

Each electrotherapy procedure is designed as part of an individualized program prescribed by a specialist. It is important to note that electrotherapy is not recommended for patients with an electric cardiac stimulator (pacemaker), as it can interfere with the device’s function. The attending physician must also consider various metal implants as they may be a contraindication for electrotherapy.

To ensure proper treatment, please bring any previous treatment records, surgical records, and medical documents related to your diagnosis and condition. You can expect to receive all necessary items for your stay, such as robes, slippers, and bedding materials, upon arrival.

The document described is commonly known as a medical report or medical certificate. It serves as an official record of the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations, and is usually issued by the treating physician at Balneo Medical Center Poseidon. This document may be used to support a claim for reimbursement from a health fund or insurer. Its primary function is to provide a summary of the patient’s medical history and current status for the benefit of the patient and their ongoing healthcare providers.

We offer payment options at Balneo Medical Center Poseidon that include all major credit cards, as well as payment in Bulgarian lev (BGN).

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